Welcome to the new BarCilento.com!

It took us many months, days and hours to get here - so we're especially glad you're here with us!

After working on the former Barton's Pub every day for nearly 6 months, we finally opened Bar Cilento to the public on November 5, 2015.

As with any new venture, there was uncertainty around how the community would respond, and the questions swirled: Would they notice the big, new OPEN sign? If they noticed, would they walk in? If they walked in, would they order food? If they ordered food, would they like it? If they liked it, would they spread the word?

We're overwhelmed with gratitude that so many of you have afforded us the opportunity to answer yes to our questions, by supporting - and continuing to support - us throughout our infancy. We've received constructive and positive feedback and take it all to heart; after all, we wouldn't be where we are without giving you - our customers and fans - a voice in our continued growth and evolution.

This new website will serve as the digital front door to our family business, and we welcome any and all feedback you or others may have, which you can send to: info@barcilento.com. Or, of course, we encourage you to stop in and tell us in person.

As we look to the future, we'll continue to strive each and every day to make the place just a little better than the day before. And we absolutely could not do it without you.

From the bottom of our hearts:

Thank you,

Sam, GiGi & The Bar Cilento Family